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Raptors Win Fourth Straight by Putting Down Hawks - Do You Believe?

Instead of a full recap of last night's win over the Atlanta Hawks, Adam Francis wants to know if this recent stretch of play by the Toronto Raptors is for real.


I sat for a while this morning contemplating which direction to go with this recap.

Last night's Rapid Recap covered off the basics, and considering the outcome, there wasn't a ton more to break down this morning in greater detail.

However it's impossible not to have watched Toronto's last few games and not have a bigger thought in mind:


The club has won four straight over teams that fail to contain descriptions like "Bobcats" and "Magic," and have certainly looked like a completely different club, especially on offense. The Raptors are averaging 101 points per game during this winning streak, and giving only about 92 a game back. Not only is that a pretty solid differential, but both marks would put the club amongst the current NBA leaders.

101 points per game would rank around eighth in the league, seeing the team score at the same rate as the LA Clippers and Golden State Warriors and on D? 92 points a game would be fourth best, seeing the Dinos sit somewhere between the Bulls and Clippers!

Now obviously we're talking about an extremely small sample size. Four games does not an 82 game schedule make, but the point here is that there's certainly been more positives than negatives of late, and the whole matter certainly can't be dismissed as completely irrelevant. Regardless of tonight's outcome versus the Boston Celtics, the club has certainly given reason to ponder, and at the very least do further digging on the end-of-season stats.

So instead of rehashing last night's events, and ahead of a full analysis into this final segment of the 2012-13 NBA campaign, I want to know from you - do you believe this recent string of success will be the baseline for next season?