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3 in the Key: Hawks vs Raptors

Riding a 3 game win streak, the Raptors head into Atlanta to --- well, prove to anyone who will listen that there's more to this team and that next year can't come soon enough.

Underrated in so many ways.
Underrated in so many ways.
Jonathan Daniel

Well, we're almost at the end, and after all this time, if you're still with us, I thought we'd do some fun stuff.

Let's look at some fun stats from's press stat tracker. And for the sake of fun, I'll include the entire year, including Raptors who are no longer Raptors.

Rudy Gay had the highest steals average at 1.8, followed by Kyle Lowry at 1.3 and then Amir Johnson at 1.0. Yup. Amir. He was quickly followed by DeMar DeRozan at 1.0 as well.

Turning around on that, the top three turnover prone players are Rudy Gay at 2.9 per game, followed by Kyle Lowry at 2.3, and then, guess who, DeMar DeRozan at 1.9. Hey, I feel deja vu...

The Highest Offensive Rating player goes to Quicy Acy at 110. He's followed by Amir and... Landry Fields??

Best Defensive Rating? Sebastian Telfair, followed by... Quicy Acy?? Heeeey, I thought the Raptors said they read up on advanced metrics.

Perhaps the saddest advanced metric is that Quincy Acy has the top Net Rating of course at 11.7, followed by Amir Johnson at 3.4, and Rudy Gay at 0.8. The rest of the team are all in the negative.

As for rebounds, the guys with the top Rebounding Percentage won't surprise many people. Ed Davis, followed by Aaron Gray, Amir, Jonas Valanciunas, and Dominic McGuire. Nope. I'm not going to tell you where Bargs finished. I'll leave that to your imagination.

Finally, our best True Shooting Percentage players are as follows: Quincy Acy, Jonas, Jose Calderon, Amir, and Ed. Yup, two rookies who arguably didn't get enough playing time, two guys who are no longer with the team, and everyone's MVP, Amir Johnson.

Enjoy the game in Atlanta boys. There's even more stats to sift through as the season finishes.