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Nets vs Raptors - Gameday Thread: Can Dinos End Brooklyn's Streak?

Toronto hosts their Atlantic Divison foes, as Joe Johnson & co face the Raptors this afternoon. Brooklyn's been on fire as of late, but surprisingly, so have the Raptors, winning four of their last five. For the first time in weeks, I can say with confidence, "This should be a good one!"



Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors

April 14, 2013

TSN - 3:30 PM EST

The Raptors are a very bizarre team.

They seem to win when they should lose, and lose when they should win. They went 6-1 in the preseason, despite Casey emphasizing that the preseason isn't important, and it's the regular season that matters. Once beginning the regular season, it was struggle, going 4-19 to start the year. Once the chatter of tanking began, the Raps got back on their horses, winning eight of nine, and giving Raptors fans hope for a possible mid-season comeback. That hope would wouldn't last long, as the Raps followed up a good December by going 5-15 in the month of January, putting fans back into "we suck" mode. While many fans had given up on the season, the Raptors got back to their winning ways. A great stretch in February, in which the Raps won 7 of 10 put Toronto back in the playoff race. Four games back, with over a month left in the season. Milwaukee, here we come! But then Washington, Cleveland, Indiana, Milwaukee and Golden State hit, and suddenly the Raptors had lost five in a row. They lost 17 of the 21 games following the excitement of being in the playoff race, and the talk of the town had gone from playoffs to lottery. Next, in very Raptor-like fashion, instead of tanking, they started winning again! They've now won four of their last five, banishing any realistic lottery hopes they once had, and confirming my suspicion that the Raptors are on a mission to drive me absolutely crazy.

So here we are. After one crazy season of ups and downs, JV chest pumps and Aaron Gray posterizations, slam dunk contest winning rookies and mouth piece throwing Amir's, heartbreaking losses and exciting game winners, big trades and little trades, hating Alan Anderson and loving Alan Anderson, here we are. A 31-48 record with three games remaining. The outcome of this season may have been disappointing, but it doesn't mean the entire season was. It's been fun to be a Raptors fan this season, and I'll miss it this summer. So let's just sit back and enjoy the final games of the Raptors season, because if you're a Raptors fan, you'll miss these games in the summer, when the talk is about who we can sign without going over the cap, instead of Amir's big double double.