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Bulls vs Raptors Final Score: Dinos Dump Bulls 97 - 88

The Raptors won the battle of the short-handed clubs tonight, defeating the Bulls 97 - 88 and winning back-to-back matches against Chicago.


"No Pizza!" Those two words are being muttered by Raptors' fans who went down to the ACC to see Toronto defeat the Chicago Bulls 97-88 to improve to 15-18 in the Rudy Gay era. See guys, it wasn't moronic to tie their cap space up and have redundancy at the SG and SF position!!

Any ways, let's get to the Good, Bad and Meh of tonight's action.


  • Amir Johnson nearly had a double double as he dolled out 24 points and 9 rebounds on 10/15 shooting. He got most of those buckets the way he usually gets them around the rim, but he added a 3 point shot as well. He was a +10 out there tonight and the fact that he smiled after Rod black asked one of his patented inane questions made me smile as well. This guy could run for mayor in Toronto and win in a landslide (well actually I'm pretty sure any one at this point can run for mayor and do a better job than Rob Ford, but that's a story for another day).
  • Remember when everyone was complaining about Kyle Lowry just not being the PG everyone envisioned when he was a Rocket? Well the guy proceeded to have 13 points, 11 assists and 9 rebounds to just one turnover. Kirk Hinrich on the other hand proceeded to have 3 points, 1 assist, 0 rebounds and 4 turnovers. To say this was one sided is giving far more too much credit to Kirk. Lowry was great in this game and what impressed me the most was that for the first time, he ran the fast break much more fluidly. He connected on a couple of lobs out of transition, and he pretty much dominated The Artist Formerly Known as Kirk Hinrich.
  • DeMar DeRozan had 19 points on 6/10 shooting, 7/8 from the foul line, and got Rip to leave the game after elbowing him in the face after Rip tried to get by him off the ball. Good night at the office for DeMar.
  • Quincy Acy was great off the bench as he nearly had a double double recording 10 points, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks and a +21 rating. He actually played more than Aaron Gray (35-21) and had a higher +/- (+21 to -6).
  • I know that I might be in the minority on this, but I enjoy watching Nate Robinson play, especially this year considering that Coach Thibs has gotten everything he could get out of Nate whether it's coming off the bench or starting in place of Kirk Hinrich. He's the only guy on the Bulls who can get a semi decent look off the dribble. I know that in today's day and age shot creators aren't look as glowingly as before, but I don't care, I enjoy him.
  • I can't tell you how much I enjoy Jack Armstrong doing colour. He's great and I loved his analysis on how random doubling is more dangerous to a team defence than just reaching in and missing because of the cutting that random doubling provides to an opposing offence. Don't ever leave Jack!
  • The Raptors had 23 fast break points tonight and maybe the most positive sign from that was how they did not allow the Bulls defence to set up in the half court. The Bulls have one of the best defences in the NBA while Toronto have one of the more simple offences in the NBA. Getting as many good looks as you can off of transition is a good place to get offence.
  • I need to go to Dwayne Casey's tailor cause man he looks good in his suits. You know what they say, women go crazy for a sharp dressed man...


  • Carlos Boozer might be one of the worst pick-and-roll defenders in the NBA. He doesn't hedge when he has to hedge, he usually just sags off and allow no resistance on the PnR. He never rotates properly, he doesn't move well laterally, and he has his hands down guarding the roll man and allowing him to dunk in the process. That and he also wears shoe polish on his head.
  • Until Rip Hamilton got ejected in this game, I didn't even notice he was on the court. Yikes!
  • The Raptors need a three point shooter so badly, it's not funny. I won't rant again but please BC, get a long-range gunner who's also not a liability on the defensive side of things. (Aka Not Jason Kapono.)
  • Leo commented on how the Raptors running the basketball in transition is Raptors Basketball. Uhh, the Raptors are 22nd in Pace in the NBA. Go home Leo, you're drunk.
  • Rod Black is pretty much useless in his role with Leo during the quarter intermissions, halftime, and his questions at the end of the game. I know I pick on the Raptors broadcast a lot, but come on!


  • Jack Armstrong commented on how Borat was the last movie he's watched. Now I'm all for people who don't watch movies. I mean I've maybe watched 8 movies non-school related in my life, but the last movie I saw was Scarface! Scarface>Borat

Any ways, that's all I got for tonight. For more from the Bulls side of things, make sure you check out our friends at Blog-A-Bull.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch Season 6 of Keeping up with the Kardashians and laugh at Kris Humphries whenever he's on camera.

Until next time Canada!