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Raptors vs Pistons Final Score: Calderon Leads Detroit Over Toronto 108-98

Thanks to a strong performance from the Pistons bench, Detroit got the better end of the Raptors, beating them by double digits.


Unlike many of the Raptors recent losses, many positives came out of tonight's game. Let's get right to it...

The Good
  • This game featured two standing ovations from the ACC crowd, to thank Jose Calderon for his years with the Raptors. The first was during the Pistons lineup introductions, and the second was after a thank you video was shown on the jumbo-tron. Calderon dealt with both of them quite well.
  • The Raptors started off the game on fire, shooting over 60% in the first quarter
  • Valanciunas got the better of Drummond from the get-go, and had a big block on Drummond just a few minutes into the game. His 17 points and 6 rebounds certainly out-did Drummond's 4 points and 4 rebounds.
  • They said Rudy Gay was inefficient, he shoots 72% from the floor! They said he was a poor three point shooter, he makes all four of his three-point tries! Forget his struggles this season, Gay for MVP!
  • After sitting him for nearly two weeks, the Raptors seem to have decided they should give Sebastian Telfair some minutes. He played 16+ minutes for the second straight game, and played well tonight, hitting back-to-back three pointers in the second quarter.
The Bad
  • While one rookie was out-playing Drummond, the other, T-Ross, was providing us with more evidence that BC should have taken Drummond over Ross in last year's draft. Ross looked confused on defense, making multiple bone-head plays that left his man open for three, and was non-existent on offense, missing the one shot he took in his 13 minutes on court.
  • The Pistons bench completely outplayed Toronto's backups, outscoring the Raptors 51-17
  • The Pistons, who have the 25th worst scoring offense in the league, scored 108 points on Toronto's defense.
The Weird

  • Michael Grange interviewed Adam Lind, said the word "hubub"
  • Sportsnet decided not to show Calderon's first standing ovation, and instead decided to just talk about the nice moment
  • Jose Calderon went the wrong way out of the tunnel at halftime, heading towards the Raptors locker room. After a few steps, he realized what he was doing, and went back around to the 'guest' locker room. An honest mistake from a guy who's spent his whole career in the 'home' room.
For the Pistons side of things, head over to Detroit Bad Boys. The Raptors next game is Wednesday, as the Raptors host John Wall and the Washington Wizards.