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Pistons vs Raptors GameDay Thread: April Fools Edition

The Raptors take on the Pistons for the second time in four days, as Jose Calderon returns to the ACC for the first time as a Piston.



Detroit Pistons vs Toronto Raptors

April 1, 2013

Sportsnet One - 7:00 PM EST

Imagine if only this whole season was an April fools joke.

The Raptors didn't really pay Landry Fields 6 million dollars to miss 23 games (tonight included), and average 4.9 ppg when he wasn't injured. They didn't trade a top-3 protected pick for an overrated point guard who was terrific in October, but has been disappointing since then. They didn't start the season 4-19, highlighted by losing far too many close games. They didn't work so hard to go from the cellar of the Eastern Conference, to ninth place, only to return to their losing ways. They didn't spend their trade deadline trading away their starting point guard, power forward and a second-round pick for an inneficient SF with a crazy salary, and a third string PG who spends his nights in a suit, sitting on the bench.

And they definitely didn't sign Andrea Bargnani to a three year, 24 million dollar contract extension, as reported by Blake Murphy of Raptors Republic. WAIT! That was an April fools joke! Whew, got me for a second.

Okay, stop imagining.

Now realize that despite everything that has gone wrong this season, the Raptors could finish this season with a draft pick, and a top one at that. It'll take some losing, and it'll take some luck, but if the Raptors land a top 3 pick in this years draft, the season goes from complete failure, to 'we're in the re-building stage'.

With that in mind, I will be cheering for Jose Calderon and the Detroit Pistons in tonight's game.