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Lakers vs Raptors GameDay Thread: Raps Visit Kobe and co.

Raps vs Lakers. Annnnnd...go!



March 8, 2013

TSN2 - 10:30 PM EST

The Toronto Raptors are in ninth in the Eastern Conference.

The Los Angeles Lakers are in ninth in the Western Conference.

And that's about where the similarities end.

The Raps of course are a distant ninth in the East currently while the Lakers are well within striking distance of the playoffs in the West. Kobe and co. have been on a bit of a run lately so will be looking at this game as a major 'get' in their hunt.

Toronto meanwhile will be...

...well...who knows.

The starters again for the Dinos will be Lowry, DeRozan, Gay, Bargnani and Valanciunas so what we do know is the "inflate Andrea's trade value" experiment is still in effect.

And depending on how much Val and Toronto's other rookie Ross play, we'll likely get an idea of how much emphasis, with 20 games left, is being put on developing the youngsters.

But hey, it's Raps and Lakers next!!