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Bright Side of the Sun Talks New Raptor Sebastian Telfair

In light of Sebastian Telfair's first minutes with the Toronto Raptors last night, we talk to Kristofer Habbas of Bright Side of the Sun for more on the former high school star.

Right before this year's NBA Trade Deadline, the Toronto Raptors made a move to shore-up their back-up point guard position, acquiring Sebastian Telfair from the Phoenix Suns.

That was great and all, but six games after he was acquired, Raptors' fans had yet to see him play, Coach Dwane Casey electing to use John Lucas III as the sole "plan B" to Kyle Lowry.

However last night that changed as "Bassy" finally got some run, playing 27 minutes against...

...yep, his former club, the Phoenix Suns, whom he's not to happy with after being dealt.

While he didn't shoot a great percentage, (he was 5 of 12), he did provide a nice boost off the pine scoring 13 points while dishing out 7 assists. He also threw in a couple rebounds and was on thief duty, racking up four steals, so certainly made an impact, even in what ended up being a blowout win for TO.

But just who is "Bassy?"

For more on the former high school standout we turn things over to Kristofer Habbas of SB Nation's Phoenix Suns' blog, Bright Side of the Sun, for further insight into the player Telfair turned into while in Phoenix.

Sebastian Telfair (Bassy) is the consummate back-up point guard. He is a fiery leader that comes into every opportunity with the mindset of being the best and even becoming a starter. Even when it was unrealistic, like here (in Phoenix) with Steve Nash last year and Goran Dragic this year, Bassy came in to prove he was the best point guard on the team. That is an intangible most players do not have. The drive and motivation to compete and get better.

Bassy is a great leader, even when he was benched for Kendall Marshall he came in everyday to work, get better, and teach the young guards on the roster how to play the game. There was obviously some frustration with being benched, but he didn't show it like others have with verbal out-lashes or bad body language.

His biggest strength has to be the energy, effort, and passion he plays with. Early in his career Bassy was put into situations where he had to be the man on a bad or rebuilding team, the Suns put him in a position to be successful with the reserves. He can spearhead a full-court defense as well as any guard in the NBA allowing opportunistic athletes on the wing the ability to create turnovers.

Offensively it will be a love/hate relationship. He has improved as a three-point shooter, but Bassy takes some ill-advised shots, over dribbles, and at times can stall the offense. What he cannot do on offense he makes up for on the defensive end, but the offensive shortcomings can be frustrating to watch.

Bassy's a great locker room guy, a great interview, and one of my favorite Suns over the past two seasons no question. Enjoy Bassy for the short time he may be there. That second unit with Ross, Anderson, Johnson, and Bassy will be exciting and may produce some highlights on the break!