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Lunchbox Links: Analytics, DeRozan's Future, Lowry's Relationship with Raptors and More!

Lots to dig through in this edition of RaptorsHQ's Lunchbox Links...

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Happy March Madness everyone! We're down to a Final 16 in the tourney including the upstarts from Florida Gulf Coast, who have left let's just say, a last impression on not only the teams they've upset, but fans across the globe.

SB Nation's Mike Prada takes a look at how the first weekend went for various 2013 NBA Draft prospects, while Joe Kotoch of Sheridan Hoops notes that it was hardly a stock-boosting performance for many of the top 2013 draft options.

Turning to the Toronto Raptors, if you haven't read them yet, here are part 1 and part 2 of Zach Lowe's epic look at the Raps use of the SportVU system. It's an absolutely mind-bending read but it does leave one with a few questions, namely, why did the Dinos disclose all of this to the public?

That's something the National Post's Eric Koreen touches on, as does Raptorblog's Joseph Casciaro, while Sportsnet's Tom Liston goes one step further noting that, "resistance is futile."

A lot of the analytics discussion centers on the fit of several of Toronto's players including DeMar DeRozan, who's Tim Chisholm looks at in terms of his fit with Rudy Gay, and whom the Toronto Sun's Ryan Wolstat lists as a question mark, in terms of his future with the club going into next season.

What about Kyle Lowry?

Eric Koreen details some of the issues surrounding the former Villanova stand-out, including his "work in progeress" relationship with Coach Casey.

Finally, is "chemistry" an overrated trait in the game of basketball? One example that would indicate as much revolves around current Toronto Raptor, Terrence Ross, and his former college club, the University of Washington.

Better chemistry this year, but no dancing come March...