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Knicks vs Raptors Final Score: Knicks Outlast Raptors 99 - 94

And now for something completely different...


Here are some bullet points for tonights 99-94 home loss to the Knicks, categorized as either good for the Raptors (G) or bad for the Raptors (B):

G: The Atlantic Division-leading Knicks are one of the best teams in the East

B: The Knicks were missing their defensive anchor, Tyson Chandler

B: The Knicks were missing their former all-star turned bench scorer, Amare Stoudemire

G: This was a 2 point game halfway through the 4th

B: The game never felt as close as the score indicated

B: The Raptors continued to look disorganized on defense, especially down the stretch, giving up offensive rebounds and lay-ups as the game slipped away

G: Carmelo Anthony played with a smugness that said 'I'm too good to take this Raptors team seriously'

B: His play backed up his attitude

G: Fields has played solid defense on his former teammate Carmelo Anthony this season, and Casey rewarded him with 39 minutes of run

B: 'Melo was covered by DeRozan or Anderson for most of crunch time

G: Landry Fields hit a 3!!!!!!

B: It was his 2nd of the season

B: Rudy Gay was lifeless tonight, posting a minus 15 in 14 minutes of action, while scoring only 4 points on 7 shots before exiting for the night after he 'jammed' his back

B: The health of Rudy Gay's back has become a concern for the Raptors going forward

G: Rudy's absence opened the door for Alan Anderson, who scored 20 points in the 3rd quarter en route to a career high 33

B: Anderson is a free agent this summer and Bryan Colangelo was watching the game

G: Dwane Casey played Jonas 31 minutes tonight

B: Amir Johnson, the Raptors '12-'13 MVP, only played 17 minutes

G: Casey rolled with the same backup PG in the 1st half as the 2nd

B: John Lucas was minus 8 in 13 minutes, and was held without a point or an assist

G: Jason Kidd was matched up on DeMar tonight

G: Kidd turns 40 tomorrow

G: DeMar attacked on offense

B: DeMar repeatedly looked lost on defense, especially in the 4th quarter

B: In 19 minutes, Terrence Ross struggled with his shot, recorded 0 assists, only 1 rebound, and had a couple bad defensive rotations

G: He's still a rookie

G: Jonas was guarded by Melo and Camby for much of the game, and had a strong offensive game

B: 'Melo is a converted SF and Camby turned 39 today

G: Jonas played very physical and was banging for position on the blocks

B: Jonas is still making alot of rookie mistakes

G: Jonas now has a taste of the NBA, and he has time this summer to work his ass off and return a better player

G: All indications of Jonas' person is that he will work his ass off this summer and become a better player

G: Alan Anderson scored his fourth 4-point play of the season tonight

B: That stat means nothing

G: There's only 13 games left in the season