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Raptors vs Bobcats Gameday Thread: The Anti-March Madness

Raptors vs Bobcats tonight in Charlotte. No, hardly March Madness.

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March 20, 2013

Sportsnet - 7:00 PM EST

As some have joked today, the NBA's version of the NIT Tournament kicks off tonight as the 26 and 41 Toronto Raptors face off against the 15 and 52 Charlotte Bobcats. It promises to be an exciting affair...well...ok, not really.

We've talked at length about tanking on the site of late, and the Bobcats prove just how far the Raps have to drop to really let the bottom fall out on the season. They've won only two of their last 10 games, and again are poised to secure the league's worst record.

The Raps in fact beat the 'Cats just a few days ago, blowing open the game in the final quarter. Tonight, Coach Dwane Casey is likely hoping to have a more consistent effort from start to finish, and yep, I don't think we can expect any sudden tanking movements.

However here at the HQ, we're going to switch things around a bit. New HQ member Sean O'Mara stands in for Lucas and I this evening, and will be heading up the liveblog efforts. Just like these final 15 games for Toronto, this stretch gives us a chance to try some new ideas, writers and such, and to that end, we're passing the reins over to Sean for the chat and Rapid Recap.

So be nice and...


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