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Heat vs Raptors Final Score: Miami Wins 22nd Straight with 108 - 91 Victory

The Toronto Raptors became the latest victims of the red-hot Miami Heat...

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat are not just a good team.

They're a VERY good team, and the Toronto Raptors got to see that first-hand this afternoon in a 108 to 91 loss. After being tied at 77, the Heat kicked it into high gear, closing the game on a 31 to 14 run to win their twenty-second straight. The win ties them with the Houston Rockets for the second-longest win streak in NBA history and after watching them in action today, it's hard to imagine them losing again.

Yes, there likely will be a loss or two in there at some point, but Miami showed off how balanced an attack they can throw at a club today with the big three scoring 64 of the club's 108 points, but getting nice production from others like Ray Allen (20 points) and Shane Battier (+26.)

For the Raptors, the club got down early thanks to some sloppy play and porous defense. But Rudy Gay's 27 points on the afternoon kept the Dinos in it, and combined with another great game from Amir Johnson (18 points and 18 rebounds) and solid help from the rooks, Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross, Toronto stuck around for a while.

But eventually the Heat seemed to tire of toying with the Dinos, and finished them off with the aforementioned run. Aiding in the Miami win was a rough outing from the Raptors' backcourt. DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry combined to hit on only 5 of 24 shots, and the club had only 15 assists on 94 field goal attempts.

Contrast that to the Heat, who had 31 on 67, and that pretty much tells you how different these two teams are why they find themselves where they do in the standings.

In any event, that's loss number 41 on the season for Toronto, while the Heat keep their record streak going.

The Raps next contest is against the Charlotte Bobcats and as always, check out the opponent blog for the full debrief of this match, in this case, Hot Hot Hoops.