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Bobcats vs Raptors' Final Score: Raps Surge Past Cats 92 - 78

It was the Amir Johnson show as the Toronto Raptors blew past the Charlotte Bobcats on the strength of a 23 to 10 fourth quarter.


The Toronto Raptors were "stuck in the mud" in the words of Dwane Casey, but kicked things into high gear in the fourth quarter en route to a 92 to 78 win. However it didn't hurt that their opponent, the Charlotte Bobcats had one field goal in the fourth quarter, and 10 points in total during that period.

To put it plainly, in a game of awfulness, the Raptors on this night, were less awful than the Bobcats.

Oh...and a certain Mr. Amir Johnson made sure this one ended up in the W column.

Johnson had 12 points and 21 rebounds in the win, including 13 of the offensive variety. He single-handily kept the Raps ahead with second-chance opportunities, something that helped mitigate some of the Dinos' other issues on the night. Toronto turned the ball over an abysmal 20 times, and went through some serious stretches of offensive malaise.

However there were bright spots outside of Amir Johnson, including the play of Rudy Gay. Gay, who's been much-maligned of late because of his shot selection and efficiency scored 28 points on 11 of 16 shooting. He and DeMar DeRozan got to the line 13 times making 12 of those 13 attempts, a big boost as the club didn't get great offensive performances from many other players.

The Raps next game is this Sunday against the Miami Heat as the South Beach Marauders look to make the Dinos the latest victim in their seemingly endless win streak.

And as always, for full recaps of this game from the opposition side of things, check out the penultimate Charlotte Bobcats blogger, Ben Swanson, and the crew at Rufus on Fire.