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Raptors vs Celtics Gameday Thread: Rudy Gay Back in Line-Up for Toronto

Rudy Gay is in. Andrea Bargnani is out. And the Toronto Raptors face a Boston Celtics team they've lost 10 straight too. Good times...



Toronto Raptors vs Boston Celtics

March 13, 2013

Last time these two teams met, it was a big game.

(Well, by Raptors' standards.)

Toronto had recently acquired Rudy Gay and was just beginning a bit of a streak that would see them claw towards one of the East's final playoff spots, something the Boston Celtics were holding onto.


It's a completely different story.

Rudy Gay looks more and more like the latest example of Bryan Colangelo over-paying for a "name" player, Andrea Bargnani (who made his return last time these clubs met as well) is officially out for the rest of the season, and the club is headed straight towards the NBA Draft Lottery once more.

So even though Rudy Gay is back tonight after missing Toronto's last match versus Cleveland, the stakes and situation is hardly the same.

In fact, I flicked the switch about a week ago and in hopes that the Dinos SOMEHOW retain their 2013 draft pick I'm shouting...