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Lunchbox Links - Playing time for Ross, Valanciunas, Rudy Gay's Struggles and Raptors to Pursue Carl Landry?

Mmmm...lunchbox links...


Let's kick off this edition with Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun and the wrap-up of his chat with fans/readers yesterday. Among topics discussed, Dwane Casey's future and the potential of having the 2016 NBA All-Star Game in Toronto.

Onto some rankings.

The rolls out their 2013 draft lottery bandwagon power rankings, which have the Raps seated fairly low on the draft totem pole.

And while Toronto moves up two spots in's latest Power Rankings, it's almost by default considering how poorly their closest competitors have played.

In the Yahoo rankings, Toronto sits one spot higher at 20th, and in his commentary on the team, Yahoo! Sports' Marc J. Spears has an interesting comment:

20. Toronto Raptors (25-39, previous ranking: 20th): The Raptors are looking for a veteran power forward and could make a run at Golden State's Carl Landry if he opts out of his deal this summer, a source told Yahoo! Sports.


I'm actually a big Carl Landry fan so would be pleased to see him with this team. However right now I'd say we're still a long ways off from too much more speculation on the subject, especially considering Bryan Colangelo might not be around to make any such decisions come off-season.

And speaking of which, Tim from The Picket Fence looks at BC's future and gives us "5 Stupid Reasons Colangelo Should Keep His Job."

Outside of these, BC's contractual dealings likely won't do him any favours come contract renewal time. Colangelo unfortunately is tied to a number of the worst contracts in the NBA from both the Sportsguy's recent list, and a list from Sports

One of these contracts is of course, Mr. Rudy Gay, a player who Wages of Wins notes, "has lucked out again."

How about some positives for the Raps though, like the play of Jonas Valanciunas? Raptorblog's Joseph Casciaro takes a look at JV's play, particularly in terms of his shot-blocking ability, and retaining possession for the Dinos.

Valanciunas' name appears in a recent piece by the National Post's Eric Koreen, as he looks at some key questions face Jonas and the entire Raptors' roster going forward.

He also touches on the importance of giving rookies like Valanciunas, and Terrence Ross, solid playing time in teh season's waning hours.

That's all from Raptor-land but we'll end it with something everyone should have seen by now.

Poor Brandon Knight...