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Raptors vs Cavs Gamethread: It's Tanking Time, Ladies and Gentlemen

This should be fun.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

The days of playoff admiration, rooting agianst Milwaukee, and dreaming of a playoff series against the Heat are over. As Adam Francis explained earlier today: Our only option left is to tank.

The playoffs are out of reach, but a draft pick isn't, and the Raps are just four games ahead of the third-worst-in-the-league Wizards. For those who haven't been following this exciting race towards the lottery, the tanking rankings are as follows:

1. Charlotte Bobcats, 13-50

2. Orlando Magic, 17-46

3. Washington Wizards, 20-41

4. New Orleans Hornets, 21-42

5. Cleveland Caveleirs, 21-41

6. Sacramento Kings, 22-42

7. Phoenix Suns, 22-41

8. Minnesota Timberwolves - 21-38

9. Detroit Pistons, 23-41

10. Philadelphia 76ers, 23-38

11. Toronto Raptors, 24-39

Tonight, the Raptors face their fellow tankers, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland has won two of the three match-ups between the clubs, most notably Kyrie Irving's heartbreaking game winner back in January.

Cleveland has been playing well as of late, winning eight of their last 15 games, including wins over OKC and Chicago. As for the Raptors, frankly, it's impossible to know which team will show up. All we can hope for is a Cleveland win (tanking, remember) and that the Raps young guns get substantial playing time.


NOTE: Gay will sit tonight's game due to back stiffness.