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Pacers vs Raptors Final Score: Pacers Put Clamps On Raptors in 93 - 81 Win

Ugly wouldn't be the right word to describe this one, a 93 to 81 loss to the Indiana Pacers that further cemented Toronto's future draft lottery status.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

So on a the fun scale, that game was about a negative eight out of 10 right?

The Indiana Pacers completely shut down the Toronto Raptors' offence this evening en route to a 93 to 81 win in a game that was slightly more tolerable than literally, watching paint dry. The Raps shot 40 per cent from the field but before garbage time and some easy Raps buckets, Toronto was hovering around 31 per cent.

Put it this way.

The Raptors nearly had more fouls (25) than made field goals (29) and together with the Pacers combined for 32 turnovers.

Yep, good stuff.

And that's without factoring in the Pacers' 24 fouls meaning fans were treated to a game that seemed like a foul was called every 10 seconds.

In the end, this was loss number 36 for the Raps, their third straight and another nail into the playoff coffin.

For This :Loss, We Can Thank...

...the Indiana Pacers' Defense.

I was tempted to put Bryan Colangelo and Dwane Casey in this slot tonight but fine, I'll give this Rudy Gay experiment till the end of the season before losing my mind.

Tonight the Raptors couldn't hit the broad side of a barn door but a big piece of that was due to the Indiana defence. The Pacers played Toronto tough on the perimeter preventing easy outside looks, and made sure anything inside wasn't of the easy variety either. As a result, viewers were treated to a lot of one-on-five play and some very curious shot selections.

Well...the latter wasn't all thanks to the Pacers' D...


Linas Kleiza for sitting this one out.

Seriously. Rudy Gay had 21 points but the player he was guarding had 22, and Gay was a -9 on the night.

DeMar DeRozan was extremely aggressive and got to the line 10 times, but he shot 2 of 10 from the field and hit only five of the aforementioned free-throws.

Jonas Valanciunas gave it 110 per cent and grabbed 9 boards, but was badly beaten inside by the likes of David West and Roy Hibbert.

Andrea Bargnani actually got on the scoreboard with 8 points, and did some good defensive work on West at times, but it took him seven shots to get those points, and he notched nary a rebound.

You could go down the entire roster so let's just move onto the next category shall we?


See above.


Comment of the game:

look alikes...

I am in an 'Ed Davis State of Mind'...

by Jenge on Mar 1, 2013 8:01 PM EST up reply actions 1 recs

This gives you an idea of how exciting the game was. At one point we were discussing the fact that Hansbrough resembled a Muppets character.

Matt and Jack Classics:

More MLSE PR play on this evening as numerous times the duo broke down Toronto's remaining playoff chances, but my personal favourite was the duo noting the "interesting" situation in Houston in terms of the type of players the Houston Rockets go after.

"They like a guy, and they go after him, that's it" said Jack, or something to that effect.

Guessing neither read Zack Lowe's recent piece beautifully explaining the moneyball-esque decisions of the Rockets in regards to an explanation of why they target the players they do.

In any event, it's a third-straight L for Toronto who turns around and heads to Milwaukee to take on the Bucks tomorrow night.

For the Pacers side of things, head over to Indy Cornrows for the full breakdown, and as usual, we'll have the full recap up tomorrow in addition to another edition of Saturday Scouting.