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Further Thoughts on Andrea Bargnani for Carlos Boozer Trade Rumour

While the trade now seems to be dormant, Adam Francis discusses the short-term and long-term ramifications of the proposed Carlos Boozer for Andrea Bargnani swap.

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

So the Chicago Bulls want to take a flyer on Andrea Bargnani do they?

Good for them.

So what if it's primarily motivated by the old green buck. It would mean Raptors' fans could finally bid adieu to the "enigma of all enigmas," ending a nearly seven-year hostage crisis that has kept the franchise from truly moving ahead in many respects.

That's what we all want right?

Unfortunately, it seems the deal is now dormant, the Raptors preferring to hold out for something bigger, potentially, Pau Gasol.

The whole situation is an interesting one because on one hand, the Raptors, should they choose to pursue this deal, could land a useful, starting quality player in exchange for Bargs, something I frankly didn't think was possible. Carlos Boozer is not Serge Ibaka, nor is he the player he once was, but I'd argue that he would be an upgrade over Andrea and potentially a better fit with the Raps. He could start at the 4 and provide some much needed rebounding help to the team alongside Amir Johnson (who'd likely move back to the 5.)

On the other hand, should they not, and it does sound like the decision is up to Toronto at present, it either means that Bryan Colangelo is seeking a better offer (Gasol etc) or prefers to keep Bargs, thinking he would be more beneficial to the current roster than anything else he can acquire prior to the NBA's trade deadline.

As I discussed yesterday, it's hard to see where this Raptors team is going right now, other than potential mediocrity, and the Boozer move I'd argue, would be in furtherance to said goal.

His career advanced statistics dwarf those of Bargnani, there's no question there:


































Besides Bargs being a slightly better shot blocker, it's not even close, especially considering the two have sported pretty much the same usage rates throughout their careers.

But financially, it's not pretty. According to HoopsHype's salary database, Boozer is owed about $32.1M over the next two seasons. Andrea is only owed $23M, so if Toronto made such a move, they'd be taking on a pretty nice chunk of change.

And in terms of fit, Booze would indeed take up some space in the paint, so it's not ideal in terms of spacing considering that none of the current Raptors' starters are exactly prolific long-range gunners. (Although Bargs, while labelled as one, statistically isn't either so...)

So again, much like the Rudy Gay trade, I'd argue that bringing in Boozer might have some immediate benefits attached, but at the expense of the club long-term.

And yet I'm not sure holding out for a better offer is a realistic option either.

Tim Chisholm just noted on that regardless of whether or not some form of this deal goes forward, we now finally have an idea of what Bargs is worth.

But do we?

We're talking about a Chicago Bulls team, desperate to cut salary to avoid paying the luxury tax, hoping to get at least something in return that can be spun for fans and media, as Yahoo! Sports' Kelly Dwyer notes in his terrific breakdown of the rumour.

If Boozer was on a much cheaper deal, I'd bet that the Bulls don't pick up the phone in the first place. It's not like Bargnani is a Tom Thibodeau type, or suddenly primed for a breakout campaign.

So is there really a better option in terms of a trade?

We may find out in the next two weeks but for now, I'm hoping Colangelo hangs up the phone.

My fear is that the "best" offers made available to BC for Bargs are ones that further entrench this franchise in mediocrity.

And I'm not sure about you, but I think I've had my fill of that under the Bryan Colangelo regime.