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Ross Takes Flight: Raptors Rookie Selected for NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Perhaps to no one's surprise, Toronto Raptors' rookie Terrence Ross was selected to participate in the upcoming NBA Slam Dunk Competition at All-Star Weekend.

Remember the whole #letRossdunk campaign?

Well it seems to have worked.

Last night it was announced that Toronto Raptors' rookie Terrence Ross would be participating in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest portion of the league's annual All-Star Weekend.

Ross will face off against not three, but five other competitors as the league switches to a format not seen since the 2001 contest, the year after a certain Mr. Vince Carter brought the event back to relevancy.

His competition?

An intriguing group including last year's champ, Jeremy Evans, former contestant Gerald Green, the Manimal, Kenneth Faried, Clippers uber-athlete Eric Bledsoe, and living dunk legend James "Flight" White. SB Nation has previews of each right here.

But back to Ross.

The rookie becomes the fifth Toronto Raptor to participate in the Dunk Contest since 2000, and if you count former Raptor Fred Jones and DeRozan's two entries, that means seven of the last 14 Dunk-offs have involved the Dinos.

(Hey, when your team is looking at its fifth-straight season without a playoff berth, you look for small wins!)

And does Ross have a few dunks already in the works? has put forth his resume here:

and also this curious little video entitled, "the step."

A variation on the classic MJ free-throw line dunk?

Considering Ross' ability to soar to the hoop, that wouldn't be a stretch.

Let's just hope if he does go this route, he fares better than one of his Raptors predecessors' attempts (1:21 mark):