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Knicks vs Raptors Final Score: Gay Scores 32 in 100 - 98 Win

The Rudy Gay era continued in style tonight for the Toronto Raptors as Gay had 32 points in the Dinos 100 to 98 win over the New York Knicks.


The New York Knicks had lost three straight and were looking to avenge a loss to the Toronto Raptors before the All-Star break.

Unfortunately, they ran into Rudy Gay.

Gay had 32 points, 17 in the third quarter alone, and carried the club to the win. New York fought back in the fourth quarter, but that 31 to 19 third period in favour of Toronto was too much to eventually overcome.

The Raps are now 7 and 3 in the Rudy Gay era, and the win gets them another half game closer to the Milwaukee Bucks for eighth. The Raps are four and half back of the final playoff spot in the East.

For This Win, We Can Thank...

Rudy Gay.

He started 2 of 8, but exploded in the third quarter to give Toronto a solid lead. He then followed that up by knocking down big shots in the game's final minutes after the Knicks had made a run to tie things up, and played terrific D on Carmelo Anthony to help the Raptors secure the 100 to 98 win.

However this wasn't Rudy alone. He got 18 from DeMar DeRozan, 15 from Kyle Lowry, and 16 Knicks turnovers to thank as well.


Rudy Gay.

He had seven field goals in the third quarter.

The Knicks had four.


Let's do this one via a very apt post-game tweet from the National Post's Eric Koreen:

Tonight's Andrea Bargnani Experience: 13 minutes, 0-2 FGM-A, 0 pts, 0 rebs, 0 asts, 0 stls, 0 blks, 1 PF.


And lots, and lots of boos.

Comment of the game:

They're Raptoring this lead, badly

by Belisarius on Feb 22, 2013 9:08 PM EST up reply actions

Indeed. With Alan Anderson and John Lucas chucking away, the Knicks closed a double digit lead down to none, briefly taking the lead in fact, and it looked like the same Raptors team we had seen through the bulk of the season.

And then Rudy Gay took things over again.

Matt and Jack Classics:

Some more beauties tonight, the best of which included:

-Jack noting that he used to deal out "Street Justice" when he worked as a security guard at Shea Stadium.

-Jack and Leo begging the fans to ease up on the Andrea Bargnani booing.

Jack: "He's (Bargnani's) a sensitive gotta help this kid a bit...sometimes you gotta give a guy a hug!"

Unfortunately no video footage tonight so we'll move on. It's quite disappointing however as halftime apparently featured a very NON Young or Slim MC performing "Bust a Move," and a certain Raptors' fan decided to run across the court before being tackled by security.

Forget Wale/Devlin beefs, give us footage of these other things!

Yep, a pretty fun night, and hard to think of a better entry point for Sebastian Telfair. He stood in the tunnel in the second half after flying in this evening, watching a sold-out ACC losing its mind as the Raptors survived a late Knicks run.

For the Knicks' side of the story, make sure you check out our esteemed colleague Seth Rosenthal at Posting and Toasting.

We'll have the full recap in the AM as usual, and the Raps now get a bit of a break, not playing again till Monday night versus the Wizards.