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RaptorsHQ on RaptorsRepublic's "Rapcast"

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to jump onto RaptorsRepublic's most recent "Rapcast" to chat Telfair, Gay, Colangelo and all other things Raptors...

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Oh to be a fan of the Toronto Raptors.

We've currently got one of the best media crews in the league in terms of team coverage, and that's backed up by a stellar cast of bloggers and social media junkies.

And yet the team's lack of on-court success continues, maddening a passionate fanbase that despite what looks to be another playoffless season, continues to show up to games (13th in average attendance.)

It's gotten so bad that the original Raptor Blogger, Scott Carefoot, decided a few months ago, that after a decade of covering the team, he had had enough.

And yet we continue to push on.

"Win or lose, here we stand," so to speak, which incidentally is the tagline of Raptors Republic, our compadres on the ESPN True Hoop Network. The Republic has been pumping out some terrific content for years now and I was fortunate enough to hop onto the latest edition of their "Rapcast" podcasts last night.

Host, Arsenalist, and I, chatted all things Raptors, from the addition of Sebastian Telfair, to the Rudy Gay trade and even Bryan Colangelo's future. It's a great discussion, and if anything it made me realize after we finished, just how much needs to be sorted out in terms of this team's near future.

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