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Sebastian Telfair is a Raptor

With one of the few moves done today, Bryan Colangelo has secured a back up point guard for his Toronto Raptors

Your new 2nd stringer
Your new 2nd stringer

News is continuing to come down, but it looks like the Raptors have finalized a deal that will send a second round draft pick in 2014 and Hamed Haddadi for the Phoenix Suns point guard Sebastian Telfair. Telfair is 28 and entering into the final year of his contract. He is owed $1.5 million dollars for this year, and would provide a good alternative back up to Kyle Lowry.

As I wrote earlier, Telfair has had a good shooting percentage from the 3 point arc and is solid from the free throw line. His assist to turnover ration is also solid at 4:1.

For comparison sake, if you want to take a look between Sebastian Telfair and John Lucas, here's a short breakdown:

Telfair career PER: 10.8. Lucas: 14.3

Telfair O/DRTG: 98/112, Lucas: O/DRTG: 104/105

Telfair AST%: 25.8, Lucas AST%: 22.6

From an advanced stats standpoint, Lucas is stronger in several key areas, but is also 30 years old. This would be a good opportunity for the Raptors to try and see if Telfair can be a good fit for their team while costing them very little in terms of salary. The draft pick though, is another question. I'm not thrilled with letting go of another chance to possibly pick up a useful piece in the draft.

Haddadi has not played a game in a Raptor uniform, so the Raptors essentially trade a second round draft pick for Telfair.

There is no word on the Raptors making any other moves, so this looks like the one and only move to be made.

There are other gaps in this roster to be sure, but it looks like those will have to wait until the off season.