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Raptors Final Score: Dinos Defeat Knicks 92-88, Win Defensive Battle

It was ugly, but the Raptors managed to beat the Knicks in the garden, as they extend their win streak to an impressive four games.


The Raptors defense came through in tonight's game, as their ability to shut down Carmelo/Amare was the key to this big win.

It was another story offensively, as both teams really struggled on the offensive end, especially Rudy Gay and Carmelo, who were both unable to get their shots to fall. Luckily, Alan Anderson was on his game tonight...

MVP: Alan Anderson

Alan Anderson completely saved the Raptors. He was the team's only consistent source of offense, and seemed to hit a shot whenever the Raps needed one most. He finished the game with 26 points on 10-16 shooting, and 6-8from the free throw line. Anderson has been slumping since the trade, but seems to have turned things around as of late, which would be great for the Raps.

LVP: Rudy Gay

Offensively, Rudy Gay was horrible. Layups, leaners, jumpers, threes... he missed it all. Gay shot a horrendous 4-21 from the floor, for 11 points.

Defensively, however, Gay played a solid game. He did an incredible job of covering Carmelo Anthony, and even grabbed some boards in he process.

His offensive skill is his most valuable asset, so taking 21 shots and recording just 11 points is completely unacceptable.

Most Dwight Howard-esque ejection: Kyle Lowry

According to my lip reading skills, Kyle Lowry told the ref his call was 'bull#$#@". He got T-ed up, and due to his earlier technical, he earned an immediate ejection. It was Lowry's first career ejection, and one that he probably didn't deserve in the first place.

Comment of the game: via RaptorsHQ - Defensive stance

"Does anyone get the feeling that Andrea Bargnani is being torn apart by jealousy right now. I mean, Rudy Gay has taken 2- shots to get nine points. Bargns is probably sitting here and thinking: That should be me!"

Leo Rautins moment:

Leo said some absolutely ridiculous things in tonight's game. His worst, most ridiculously obvious statement was outlined by Justorbs in our gameday thread.

"Leo, discussing why Gay missed the shot

'The ball left his hand and never really got to the rim'


In other news:
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The Raptors can take a break, and enjoy the weekend's festivities, as they don't have a game until Tuesday, a match up with the Wizards.