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Video 3 in the Key: Raptors vs Lakers Gameday Preview - Kobe Returns

The HQ's Kayla Grey previews tonight's match-up versus the Los Angeles Lakers...and the return of Kobe Bryant.


Tonight the Toronto Raptors take on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Which beside being an opportunity for the Dinos to end a five game losing streak, features the return of a certain NBA player known as the Black Mamba.

Yep, considering the way the season is going for the Raps, it's only fitting that Bryant makes his return tonight against Toronto.

The Raptors though are trying to focus on the game itself.

From the Toronto Sun today:

"Everybody will be watching Kobe come back but I'm totally concerned about the Toronto Raptors," head coach Dwane Casey said. "No disrespect to Kobe, he is one of the greats in our game and we need him in our game because of what he brings to the table, but for us I am worried about our physical disposition, our approach and toughness in the paint and going to the basket. That's what we work on and think about more than who we are going to face.

That's all fine and dandy but as Kayla Grey notes in her gameday preview, Kobe or no Kobe, this is a Raptors club that's looking for answers at both ends of the court, and could use as little distraction as possible this evening.