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Raptors vs Spurs Gameday Thread: Who's Scared of the West?

No predictions, no guarantees...let's just see a good game of basketball tonight.


December 23, 2013

Sportsnet One - 8:30 PM EST

I'm not going to say it.

I'm not going to go into the how and why tonight's contest versus the San Antonio Spurs should result in a Toronto beatdown. I've detailed the whole thing in today's preview so I won't revisit it.

But suffice to say that this might be a pretty exciting match tonight no? The Raptors are coming off two big wins and playing their best basketball of the season and the Spurs...well, are the Spurs.

This isn't your older brother or sister's Spurs either, these guys play up-and-down the court, shoot the 3, and will dunk on you:

So I'm hoping this will be an entertaining affair this evening.

I'm also hoping that if you're in the Greater Toronto Area, you've got power as I know there are lots of folks still struggling in the wake of our ice storm.

And if you've got power but the cable is out, which seems to be the case for a bunch of folks I know, you can always tune into the Fan590 for Eric Smith and Paul Jones calling the game. That might actually be the best idea of them all!