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Raptors vs 76ers Gameday Thread: A Tankish Battle Awaits

A few weeks ago, this was likely a game many fans would have wanted the Toronto Raptors to win. Now though...most likely not...

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

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December 13, 2013

TSN - 7:00 PM EST

Bring on the new guys!

Yep, tonight is the Raptors debut for three of the players the Dinos acquired in the Rudy Gay trade. Grievis Vasquez, John Salmons and Patrick Patterson will be in Toronto jerseys while Chuck Hayes is likely a few more days away.


Bring on the tank!

While Kyle Lowry is still with the club (at least for the next few hours, who knows with Masai) it's no secret that the Raptors seem to positioning themselves for a top pick in the upcoming draft which means yes, losing a few games. Toronto's lost a few on the season already obviously, but to catch some of the more dreadful clubs in the Leastern CONference - ahem Knicks - they REALLY need to lose. And losing to teams like tonight's opponent, the Philadelphia 76ers, one of the clubs the Raps would need to catch in the "woe is me, give me a top pick" department, would help.

The Sixers have lost 9 of their last 10 on the road though so this won't be easy.

In any event...