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Video: 76ers vs Raptors Gameday Preview - Let the Lottery Battle Commence

Lots of Lowry trade talk still but the Toronto Raptors have a game to play tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Wait, this isn't a Kyle Lowry trade rumour update? There's an actual game tonight?

Yep, the Toronto Raptors host the Philadelphia 76ers tonight at the Air Canada Centre. While it's a bit of a battle for the bottom of the Atlantic (assuming the Raptors would eventually like to usurp the Sixers as the worst team in the division), it's also a bit of an exciting match as most of the newest Dinos will be in uniform for the first time.

Grievis Vasquez will likely get a chunk of minutes behind Kyle Lowry which fans shouldn't get too accustomed to as Mr. Lowry could be on his way to another team at any minute. Fresh off the wire, Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the deal with the Knicks that was discussed yesterday is still alive, as Knicks' execs attempt to convince James Dolan to pull the trigger.

As well, the Nets and Warriors are apparently still in the mix too.

So who knows what to expect tonight as the way Masai Ujiri's moving, Lowry may be traded at halftime.

That will be great for the tank because as the HQ's Kayla Grey explains in her preview, the Sixers have been having a very tough time winning on the road, and at face value, this one tonight looks like a Raptors' W: