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Report: Raptors Discussing Lowry for Felton Trade With Knicks?

Rudy Gay is gone and Kyle Lowry may be next out the door.


Masai Ujiri ain't finished.

As many have expected, and as our Braedon Clark discussed this AM, it sounds like Kyle Lowry may be on the way to another team in the coming days. About an hour ago on Twitter,'s Marc Stein posted:


Hold on, Raymond Felton?

This Raymond Felton?

On the outset, can't say I'm a fan of this proposal and tough to see how Masai Ujiri would pull the trigger on this without additional assets. Sure, Felton likely helps the tank, but he's on the hook for another year after this one, and has a player option on a third year.

Not exactly the definition of "increasing cap flexibility."

Plus, with Kyle Lowry making $6.2M this season, the Knicks would have to throw in another player just to make the salaries work and that's where it gets interesting.

Because the Knicks don't exactly have a lot of things that would be considered "assets" at present. Their top first-round pick to offer up would be one in 2018 (yes, read that again) and unless you're in love with Iman Shumpert or Tim Hardaway Jr...well...

Other reports have the Raptors shopping Lowry league-wide but indeed, it sounds like this Knicks option is the one currently with the most legs. Here's Seth Rosenthal's take on things from the Knicks perspective for Posting and Toasting and we'll continue to monitor this situation as the day unfolds.

UPDATE: Looks like Shump isn't in the mix:


Which is fine by me, but indeed begs the question...then just what the hell can the Knicks offer?

And furthermore, is anyone else just in shock that the Knicks even picked up the phone when Masai called??!!!

UPDATE II: So it now sounds like the deal was all set, and then the big, bad James Dolan messed things up. Numerous reports this morning had the Raptors ready to jettison Lowry to the Knicks for Felton, Metta World Peace, and either a first-round pick in 2018, or one of the Knicks' two youngsters, Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr.

But Dolan wasn't having it.

Of course this doesn't mean the deal doesn't get done, but it sounds like Masai may need to do his Lowry shopping somewhere else.