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Video 3 in the Key: Nets vs Raptors Gameday Preview

The HQ's Kayla Grey previews tonight's match-up versus the Brooklyn Nets.

Bruce Bennett

RaptorsHQ's Kayla Grey is back with another video preview, this time, prepping for tonight's match-up between the Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors.

To say the Nets' season has been a disappointment would be a slight understatement considering they're only a few games removed from being the worst team not only in the Eastern Conference, but also the league. Yes, they've battled through their share of injuries but in addition, the offense has been awful and the club simply looks slow and...well...old.

Despite not exactly being a powerhouse themselves, the Toronto Raptors have certainly put in a better showing than the Nets so far this season and look to have a distinct advantage tonight.

And that's before you even start to consider things like injuries.

It sounds like Brooklyn will be without the services of Mr. Williams and Mr. Lopez, perhaps the club's two best players, this evening so Toronto should be able to get this W, something Kayla breaks down for us: