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Sunday Poll: Should the NBA Do Away with Its Divisional Alignments?

The Toronto Raptors lead the Atlantic Division despite a not-so-great record. Should the NBA look to make some changes in the way its divisional alignments work?

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks currently have a record of 3 and 9.

So do the Brooklyn Nets.

The duo, supposed favourites to battle it out for the Atlantic Division crown this season, instead, sit a game out of last place in the Eastern Conference, and not much more than that out of last the entire NBA.

Instead, leading the Atlantic Division are our Toronto Raptors.

However as we're all well aware, the Dinos aren't exactly having a perfect season themselves, leading said division with record that,s under .500. Due to the NBA's divisional rules however, if the playoffs were to start today, the Raptors would find themselves not battling for a final playoff spot, as many expected in the preseason, but locked into the fourth playoff position, thanks to the Atlantic Division crown.

This creates a slightly ridiculous situation, especially contrasted to the league's Western Conference, where even the team sporting the third-worst record, the LA Lakers, has the same record as Toronto.

It also makes newly minted Raptors' GM, Masai Ujiri's job that much harder, as facing a situation where he could look to blow up his club and rebuild, suddenly due to the horror of his Eastern Conference competition, he not only has a playoff team, but potentially one of the top seeds!

It's a false positive and while there's no remedy to be found for this season, aside from the rest of the East pulling up its socks, I found myself nodding in agreement with's Zach Lowe, and his Friday piece calling for the "end of NBA Divisons."

My Sunday question this week with the Raptors having the day off, do you agree? Should the NBA blow up its divisional alignments and look to a new playoff methodology?