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Raptors vs 76ers Gameday Thread: The Battle for the Atlantic Division is On!

It's the Toronto Raptors vs the Philadelphia 76ers tonight in the battle for the Atlantic Division crown! Yes, in November!

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

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November 20, 2013

Sportsnet One - 7:00 PM EST

Prior to the Toronto Raptors' match-up against the Portland Trailblazers I noted that it would be one of those games that tells us a lot about the Dinos' 2013-14 season. Could they rebound from their blowout loss to the Bulls? Could they get their offense back in synch?

Well...we now know the answer to those questions and have a pretty solid idea I'd argue, of where the club stands amongst some of the league's top dogs.

But what of the cellar dwellers? We may have an idea of the team's ceiling, but what about its basement?

And that's where tonight's match-up, and the two that follow, come in. Toronto is in Philly tonight to take on the 76ers in a battle of teams with losing records, but who are somehow fighting for top spot in the East. The Sixers may have overachieved so far in this young season, but this likely isn't a 30 win club let alone a playoff squad, so on paper this should be a Toronto win.

However I say should because I'm not sure we know how low the Raps can sink as of yet, but this match, along with the upcoming faceoffs against the Nets and Wizards, should give fans a pretty good idea.