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Video: RaptorsHQ Talks to Amir Johnson at Raptors NBA Media Day 2013

RaptorsHQ's Scott Campsall talks to Amir Johnson about his off-season, including a new family member and um...riding an ostrich??


Rudy Gay, DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry.  These are all names that come to mind immediately when you ask fans about members of the Toronto Raptors.

And those are indeed names that jump off the roster, but they aren't necessarily all names that fans are enamored with.

But everyone loves Amir Johnson.

And why not?  On the court you'll be hard-pressed to find a player who hustles harder, gives more effort, or makes the most of the skill-set he's been given.

And off the court he's a fan favourite, a jovial, fun-loving guy who always seems to be undertaking some sort of entertaining adventure, whether it's buying out all of Drake's newest album from a store, or um...riding ostriches.

Yep, RaptorsHQ's Scott Campsall gets the lowdown on a story that Raptors' fans likely haven't heard yet as Amir and the HQ go one-on-one in the latest of our Raptors' Media Day video series: