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Raptors and Bucks both lose to the Bradley Center

Rapidly running towards the season, the Raptors head to Milwaukee to fight another potential 7-11 place finisher in the east. Problem is, the BMO Harris Bradley Center had other plans for them.

Luckily, no one got seriously injured
Luckily, no one got seriously injured
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It's the second year in a row that I've elected to watch my entire season of Raptors basketball through NBA League Pass/Game Time/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. On top of a price increase, we've got the usual kinks for the NBA to work out. such as the fact that the final score listed in last night's game was 9-14 in favour of the Bucks.

But you get to have all the pre-season games you want, so thank you, NBA.

At least those NBA classic moments in the commercials breaks are a far sight better than what we got last year, which was a never ending stream of NBA Cares advertisements.

And with the Raptors sitting out Jonas Valanciunas (ankle), Kyle Lowry (hamstring), and Steve Novak (thumb injury), I think the majority of fans might have been better off staying home and playing NBA 2K14. Heck, without Julyan Stone either, that makes the Raptors point guard situation just that much more difficult to stomach.

(By the way, great way for the NBA to employ announcers who take pot shots by saying they never heard of Julyan Stone, don't even care what their injury is, and that he won't make the team. Way to be professional guys.)

So thanks to all those changes, your Raptors starting lineup consisted of D.J. Augustin, Tyler Hansbrough, Amir Johnson, Rudy Gay, and DeMar DeRozan.

Intensity was something that was left back in everyone's hotel room.

With guys like DeRozan and Johnson heaving 3's in Toronto's first few possessions and the Raptors lazily playing defense you just knew that everyone was coasting towards the regular season.

Or was there something else afoot?

But of course, the story of the night has to be the slippery floor of the BMO Harris Bradley Center, which almost managed to take out Rudy Gay, planted O.J. Mayo on his butt, almost breaking DeRozan's ankles, you have to wonder why the game was even allowed to go on. I mean, did they think the basketball court would just dry out or something?

Heck, how does a professional arena have these problems so close to the beginning of the season?

Mercifully, the refs and teams finally put an end to things due to the floor at the Bradley Center, and with that, preseason comes to a close and the Raptors are handed an odd loss, 14-9 against the Milwaukee Bucks. The Raptors will have 5 days of rest before heading into their first game of the season on the 30th against the Boston Celtics.

Until then, I'm glad that I got to finish this one early and can go back to building my power forward of the future in 2K.