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Lunchbox Links: DeMar's Growth, Reviving Rudy Gay, Valanciunas Needs Touches, And More

Mmm...all your Raptors' news while you chow down...

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The Toronto Raptors are in action tonight against the Memphis Grizzlies so we'll kick things off with a few Grizz links. Former Dino Jerryd Bayless talks to TrueHoop TV about the upcoming season, while's Kevin Arnovitz wonders what the next steps are for the Grind-It-Out-Grizz.

One of the key players in tonight's contest on the Raptors' side of the ball will be DeMar DeRozan, who's been the subject of multiple articles of late.  First TSN's Josh Lewenberg looks at his growth both on and off the court, while Eric Koreen takes a look at his defensive improvement. Finally, SB Nation's James Herbert focuses on what's been an all-around terrific pre-season so far for the Rap's starting shooting guard.

Herbert also presents a great read on DeMar's backcourt mate, Rudy Gay, who's focused on the task of getting this Toronto team to the NBA's post-season.

That's assuming Gay is around to lead the team.

Tim Chisholm pens a very astute piece on the troubles associated with retaining both Gay and DeRozan for the bulk of the Raptors season, particularly in terms of how they may impact the development of Jonas Valanciunas.

Over at Raptors Republic, Garrett Hinchey delves into the topic of trading Mr. Gay, and concludes that Masai Ujiri can't simply deal Rudy for expiring deals or aging vets.

Speaking of Masai, "In Masai We Trust" was one of the takeaways from Raptors Republic's handy summary of the club's recent Season Ticketholder bash.

And one of the more popular players discussed at said event was "Psycho T," Tyler Hansbroughthe subject in the latest in Sportsnet's awesome "Get to Know Your Raptors," series.

Finally...why Grantland, WHY???