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Start Up the Tank, Raptors' Mascot Likely Done for the Season

What a great start to the season...

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

In many ways this season for the Toronto Raptors was supposed to be a breath of fresh air.

Gone was the reign of Bryan Colangelo, and with him, the player formerly, and erroneously, known as Il Mago.

The team was re-branding, had the backing of Drake, and on paper, looked like it had a shot at the playoffs, if it didn't decide to go all-in on the Andrew Wiggins and friends race.

Then this happened last night.

Yes, the Raptor is down, and likely for the season, suddenly setting an ominous (and quite "Raptor-like) tone for the season.

From the National Post's Eric Koreen via Twitter:



Achilles injuries are never fun and we wish the Raptor a speedy, and as pain-free recovery as possible.

But this means the season is lost no?

After all, we're talking about the team losing its inspiration, its character, not to mention likely the best mascot in sports, and the winner of SB Nation's GIF Tournament!!

Oh so Raptorsy indeed...