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Video: RaptorsHQ Talks to Steve Novak at Raptors NBA Media Day 2013

Welcome to Toronto Steve Novak! The HQ's Sasha Kalra has a quick chat with him in the first of our series of Media Day player interviews.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Aaaah the Toronto Raptors' annual NBA Media Day.

A time to catch up with media colleagues who may have read books over the summer, INTERESTING books!

A time to gaze around the Air Canada Center to see what new pricey food items have been added to vendor menus, hoping to ensnare famished fans over the coming months of the season!

And of course, a time to chat with a Toronto Raptor or two, perhaps about a new haircut, or simply ask the tried and true, "what did you work on over the summer" question that we all know and love!

Yes, it's RaptorsHQ's annual series of Media Day one-on-one's and we kick things off this year with a newcomer on the mic, the newly acquired Steve Novak.  Our very own Sasha Kalra has a brief chat with Mr. Novakaine, asking him about that famous shot, and what he thinks of his new surroundings.