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Raptors vs 76ers Gameday Thread: Can Dinos Get Back on Track vs Philly?

The 76ers visit Toronto to face the Raptors, as the Dinos hope to get back into the win column tonight in the ACC.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

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January 09, 2012
Sportsnet- 7:00 PM EST

The Toronto Raptors have more in common with the 76ers than they might think.

The Atlantic division rivals are both underachieving this season, and find themselves on the wrong side of the conference standings. They're both chasing the Celtics, who currently hold that desired 8th spot, and are missing one of their teams biggest stars, who happen to be two of the most openly mocked players in the league. And they are both in the middle of a losing streak, 2 and 4 games respectively, that features a loss to the allmighty OKC Thunder.

After two losses where the opponent used superior size to their advantage, tonight will be a nice change, as the 76ers are one of the NBA's smallest teams.

The Raptors will look to get back on track , and they have a good opportunity to gain ground in the Eastern Conference, against the 9th place 76ers.