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Gameday Thread - Raptors vs Cavs: Can Dinos Keep Momentum Going?

The Raptors look to win their second straight, facing the 12-32 Cavaliers. But it won't easy... the Cavs have been playing their best ball of the season as of late.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports


Toronto Raptors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

January 26, 2012

TSN - 7:00 PM EST

It's been a season full of heartbreak, blown leads and last-second losses for the Raptors; so Thursday night's win sure did feel nice.

The Raptors finally came through in the game's final moments, as DeMar nailed a miraculous fade-away jumper to beat the buzzer, and win the game for Toronto.

Was DeMar's game winner simply a fluke, and the Raptors will continue to lose close games; or will that moment result in new-found confidence, and better production in close game situations? We'll have to wait to find out.

Moving on to tonight's game. The Raptors host the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are on the tanker version of a hot streak, having won two in a row. The Cavs had a terrible start to the season (sound familiar?), with just 5 wins in their first 26 games, but have been a more respectable 7-16 since then.

Much like the Cavs, the Raptors will look to keep their momentum going in this Saturday night match up.