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Lunchbox Links for January 23, 2013

Raptor report cards, DeMar DeRozan's January regression, and some love for Ed Davis highlight today's edition of the links.

The National Post's Eric Koreen and TSN's Tim Chisholm offer up their Raptor report cards based on the halfway point of the season.

What's wrong with DeMar DeRozan? His January regression is certainly cause for concern when the team has already committed significant dollars to his underwhelming game.

The Ed Davis Quick Seal gets the, ummm, seal of approval from Grantland's Zach Lowe.

The Memphis Grizzlies and Cleveland Cavaliers huddled up for a mutually beneficial deal... the type of deal the rebuilding Raptors have never been in a position to make.

Another thing hampering the Raptors' rebuilding efforts is the fact that they have only one of the top players under age 25, according to ESPN. Compare that with the Oklahoma City Thunder who have three of the top seven even after trading James Harden. Hell, the Milwaukee Bucks and New Orleans Hornets even have two players each making the cut.

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