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Raptors vs Bobcats Gameday Thread: Can Dinos Take Advantage of Struggling Bobcats?

The Raptors look to follow up Wednesday's big win with another W, as they face the 9-25 Bobcats.


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January 11, 2013
TSN - 7:00 PM EST

When faced with a challenge, you can either power through, or crash and fall.

The Raptors powered through, as they've picked up their act and are currently climbing out of the early season hole they got themselves into.

The Bobcats, on the other hand, have crashed and fallen hard, losing 18 in a row, and winning just two of their last 22 games. Yeah, it's been bad. They have, however, won 2 of their last 4 games, one of which came over the Bulls - so this team hasn't been all bad as of late.

The last time these two squads faced off was back in November, as the Raptors fell 98-97 to the then-mediocre Bobcats. To change that outcome tonight, the Raptors need to avoid playing at the level of their opponent, which is something that became common in the Dinos during their early season struggles. During their recent success that hasn't been an issue, as they've been playing much more consistent basketball - which will have to continue if the Dinos are going to get the win tonight.

The Raptors should get the win tonight, but considering the history between these two teams, there's no way to be sure.