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Lunchbox Links for January 11, 2013

The triumphant return of Lunchbox Links includes a look at the 2012-13 season to date, Rudy Gay trade analysis, confirmation that the Raptors have sucked since 2004, and T-Mac having big trouble in little China.


What has gone on in the NBA this season? Wages of Wins attempts to tackle this question with an excellent 2012-13 season visualization to date.

As first reported by ESPN's Mark Stein, the Toronto Raptors want in on the Rudy Gay chase. TSN's Tim Chisholm examines whether Rudy Gay would be a good fit with the Raptors. The answer, of course, is no... unless your name is Jack Armstrong.

If Bryan Colangelo is really considering adding an overpaid, unproductive "name" player like Gay, it begs the question: Did Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment fire the wrong general manager? And will we see any deadlines moves from BC in efforts to stave off the fate that awaited his MLSE compatriot, Brian Burke?

Colangelo's performance has been uneven to say the least. This season alone, he's been responsible for one of the better veteran's minimum signings (Alan Anderson) and one of the most regrettable free agent contracts (Landry Fields).

Ed Davis — whose name has been floated as possible trade bait to land Gay — is heating up after a slow start. Memphis executive John Hollinger's thoughts on Davis, Jose Calderon, and Gay are pretty easy to uncover thanks to his earlier work with ESPN.

According to ESPN's Joe Kaiser, Amir Johnson is among the top 10 trade chips in the league.

Unsurprisingly, the Raptors have been one of the least successful franchises since the last league expansion in 2004. Not enough winning - like OKC.

Former Raptor Tracy McGrady threatens to leave China, gets suspended for calling refs "three blind mice".

If you think all creativity has been drained from the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, check out 27 sick dunks that have never made an appearance in the big show. I'm all for experimentation, as long as it doesn't result in this.