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Video - Vince Carter - The Biggest Disappointment in Raptors' History?

The poll hasn't closed yet, but the results are certainly leaning in one direction.

We asked fans/readers on Sunday what they thought the biggest disappointment was in Raptors' history and offered a myriad of options. Here they are with results of voting to date attached:

22% - Vince Carter misses the potential game-winner in 2001 vs Philly

0% - Damon Stoudamire drafted over Ed O'Bannon

3% - Steve Nash choosing the Lakers in free agency over the Raptors

23% - The Vince Carter trade

4% - Chris Bosh choosing to leave Toronto for Miami

2% - The Jermaine O'Neal Trade

5% - The continued use of "Raptors" over "Huskies"

19% - The drafting of Hoffa

12% - Hedo Turkoglu

10% - Injury to Jorge Garbajosa

(PS - If you haven't voted yet, click here to do so now!)

In addition, there were some great write-in options from readers including the hiring of Rob Babcock, the ownership situation in the team's early years, the Hakeem signing, and even how the Tracy McGrady era came to an end.

But even if we had included those options, the results are pretty skewed in one direction.

With 45% of the current vote in total, whichever way you look at it, Mr. Carter gets the nod. Here's our video breakdown on the result: