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Sunday Reading: Atlantic Division Previews

Bloggers from all around SB Nation and other parts of the web preview the upcoming season for their favorite teams.

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Just as he has done for the past seven years, Jeff Clark from CelticsBlog has again orchestrated a series of team previews from bloggers around SB Nation and the rest of the web. The series kicked off this week with the Atlantic Division, those links can be found below:

Boston Celtics: CelticsBlog, Celtics Green and CLNS Radio

Brooklyn Nets: Atlantic Twine, Baller Mind Frame and Nets Daily

New York Knicks: Posting and Toasting

Philadelphia 76ers: Liberty Ballers

And our preview can be found here.

From a Raptors perspective, each of these previews will prove to be very interesting reads as they provide a little insight as to what the Dinos will be up against this upcoming season.

This past off-season marked a potential changing of the guard in the Atlantic Division as it became one of the strongest divisions in basketball. This was due in large part to a number of bold and intriguing roster moves made by each of the respective teams in the Atlantic.

The Nets, who we are used to seeing as one of the divisions doormats and an easy win on the schedule have seemingly become the favorites to win the division by adding Joe Johnson to their already solid core of Gerald Wallace, Deron Williams and Brook Lopez; while the perennial frontrunner, the Celtics have also strengthened their roster with the additions of Jason Terry, Courtney Lee and Jeff Green.

Not to be outdone, the 76ers underwent perhaps the biggest transformation by acquiring All-Star center Andrew Bynum and jettisoning their former face of the franchise in Andre Iguodala. This move should spark a drastic change in the way head coach Doug Collins structures his game plans.

The Knicks on the other hand, had their off-season highlighted by moves that they were unable to make. This included a failed attempt to acquire Steve Nash as well as the circumstances that surrounded their inability to retain the services of Jeremy Lin. Instead, the Knicks filled their roster with veterans like Jason Kidd, Raymond Felton, Pablo Prigioni, Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas. Que the "retirement home" jokes.

And finally the Toronto Raptors, who as you all know by now, spent a great deal of their resources trying to land Steve Nash. In the end, they were unable to do that and instead opted to acquire former Rockets point guard Kyle Lowry who then became the team's biggest off-season acquisition. Combine Lowry with a couple of lottery picks in Terrence Ross and Jonas Valanciunas and the Raptors should be a much improved team this upcoming season.

In short, things are going to get very interesting this season in the Atlantic Division.