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Video - Raptors HQ Player Breakdown Series: Kyle Lowry

Happy Labour Day everyone.

We decided to let our "Disappointment Poll" run a little while longer with the holiday long weekend as it's a topic that's started numerous heated debates.

And not just on the site, Twitter or other online mediums either.

Last night before heading to see Public Enemy tear down the Sound Academy here in Toronto, (and Maestro Fresh Wes stealing some of PE's thunder with an impromptu freestyle), a bunch of us who were attending the show, got into a huge argument about what indeed was the most disappointing moment. Vince, Hoffa and JO were tops on people's lists but Steve Nash's decision to thwart the Raptors carried some weight to. It got pretty intense and everything from attendance to attention from the US media was used to justify opinions.

However today we're going to shift to another topic briefly; the next in our series of RaptorsHQ off-season video breakdowns, one featuring Mr. Kyle Lowry: