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Bad Omen - Valanciunas Injured in Voluntary Workout

Mike Stobe - Getty Images

Ok so you may have seen the news this morning that Jonas Valanciunas hurt himself, and is therefore on the shelf for a bit.

Here's the official email we received from the team:

Raptors centre Jonas Valanciunas sustained a left calf strain during a voluntary workout Saturday afternoon.

The injury is not thought to be serious and he will be treated as symptoms require.

A timeline for a return to full basketball activity has not been established.

Nope, not a great start to the Raptors' 2012-13 season.

However it doesn't sound too bad by all accounts, with the following updates from some of the Raptors' media in attendance for the open Q&A this morning:

@ekoreen: So, Casey was careful to say he wasn't a doctor, but JV's is a calf tendon strain, not like AB's calf muscle strain. Maybe not as serious.

@Eric__Smith: Casey said Valanciunas heard a "pop" ...initial thought was, possibly, achilles. But it's not. Docs confirmed it. No timetable. #Raptors

@ekoreen: Ignore the tendon talk from Casey: I'm told that, yes, it's a calf muscle strain for Valanciunas.

Obviously the biggest concern is ensuring that this isn't something that re-occurs and plagues him throughout his rookie season (we all saw the impact of a shortened rookie campaign on Ed Davis.)

However for now it doesn't seem to be anything to panic about, even though is is sporting a nice little walking boot at the moment.