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Sunday Poll - The Biggest Disappointment in Raptors History?

This coming Wednesday is Disappointment Day here at RaptorsHQ.

In fact, it's "Disappointment Day" across SB Nation's network of basketball sites.

As we've done the past few Wednesdays, the coming one represents another "theme day" for SB Nation basketball and while we've dealt with happier topics like potential three-on-three team rosters (more coming on this one actually) and cult heroes in Raptor lore, this one deals with the flipside; moments in Raptors' history that made us want to abandon all hope as fans.

Some of these could be of the on-court variety (Vince Carter missing the shot that could have sent Toronto to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2001), or off-court too (the selection of Mr. Hoffa over players like Andre Iguodala), and below, we've listed as many as we could think of.

Unfortunately, for Raptors' fans, we know that there's a pretty long list so as usual, feel free to promote an entirely different "moment of disappointment" in the comments section below, which we'll consider for this Wednesday's post.