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Poll - Besides Vince Carter, Who is the Most Hated Player in Raptors History?

So yesterday's poll question didn't want to post.

As you may have noticed, the entire SB Nation network had issues with an erroneous malware warning, and as a result, our poll was stuck i limbo.

So let's relaunch this baby today...

Ok I think this is a no-brainer.

Likely, Vince Carter still comes out on top in a "most hated player in Raptors' history" poll right?

When SB Nation asked NBA bloggers to poll their readers on this topic, my immediate thought was "this one doesn't apply to us, it's too obvious an answer." It's a bit like asking Orlando Magic fans who their choice would be.

But maybe not?

As I got thinking about the question this weekend, I realized that Hedo Turkoglu isn't exactly Mo Pete in the eyes of Raps' fans, and there are a few other players from T-Mac to Jason Kapono that bring out the boo's. I still think Vince wins, but who would be the runner up to VC on the "most hated" list?

Give us your vote below, and next week, we'll likely expand on the topic in the coming week.