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Poll - The Toronto Raptors Have the Biggest Rivalry With...






These are some of the NBA's all-time great rivalries from the past, and potentially the future (the last entry in particular) and with it being rivalry week here at SB Nation, we thought we'd discuss the Raptors' own rivals, considering they have so many.



See that's just it.

When the call went out across SB Nation's group of basketball blogs to talk rivals, it left our HQ team in a bit of a quandry, and needing your input. Because it's not like the Raps have a huge legacy to begin with, and with limited playoff success, there just isn't a lot of options in terms of "biggest rivals."

So we want to hear your thoughts. Tomorrow we'll give our take as to the Raptors' biggest all-time rival, but choose from the options we've thrown out below in terms of possibilities, and as always, feel free to write in any we missed in the comments below.