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Video - Raptors HQ Player Breakdown Series: Landry Fields

Yesterday we discussed Landry Fields in detail, specifically as he relates to the team in terms of replacing James Johnson, last year's starting small forward for the bulk of the season. There wasn't a ton of consensus on Fields and his future success with the Raps, but most seemed to feel he was at least going to reproduce what James Johnson brought to the team productivity wise overall, but that even so, he still wasn't worth the contractual obligation the Dinos made.

Today, we re-visit said discussion albeit via video, bringing you the first in our Raptors HQ Video Breakdown series, with Fields being the subject of interest. We'll be running these packages each week for the next few as we talk about not only new faces to the team, but hopefully some old, returning ones as well.

But now, without further ado, here's Mr. Fields in action, and Mr. Franchise breaking things down live from his condo...