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Video - RaptorsHQ Summer Update

It's August already.


Yes, Olympic ball is in full swing and the Raptors, as we've discussed, have a few participants in action, but otherwise it's pretty quiet for Dino-news, and in a week or so, it will be even quieter.

As a result, we've been quieter than usual too at the HQ, especially in terms of our Youtube channel, and our RaptorsHQ TV series. Part of the quiet was due to other commitments, like the good ol summer wedding blitz that I seem to find myself involved with each year, while the other part was...well...

...I think frankly we were all a little burnt out.

Covering 66 games in a shortened time period, going right into the draft and then free agency took its toll so the past few weeks have been definitely more on the "chill" side.

So Darren and I decided on Friday to give you a video update of what we've been doing, and what's on the horizon, specifically for RapsHQTV. We won't be posting four times a day in August and September, but we've definitely got some interesting pieces on the horizon: